Art Record builds web-based archiving systems.

We offer out-of-the-box solutions for artists and galleries. We also work with estates, foundations, private collections and independent organisations on custom digital projects.

For Artists, For Galleries (beta)

In addition to inventory organization, our tools fulfill comprehensive needs: storage for images, video, and over 80 other file formats, customizable sharing links, custom PDFs, exhibition and press archives, contact and sales management, and more.

Create a private inventory of all your works. Link to exhibitions, press and sets. Share works and customize what others see.
Includes a powerful advanced search and the ability to manage works in bulk.
Manage your exhibition and events archive. Document and share public presentations of your work.
Generate beautiful PDFs for multiple works or exhibitions.
Keep track of your press. Link to online articles about your work, add print articles, upload or embed videos.
Make a set of records from your archive. Generate PDFs with multiple works and projects. Share your sets, allowing others to view and download hi res images and other media files.
Keep track of who owns what, discounts, gallery information, and more.
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Inventory Management

Include all important artwork information, exhibition history, editions, custom availability statuses, sales, production costs and more.

Sharing Links

Share works and projects along with any associated media with collaborators, galleries, curators, collectors and others. Decide which fields and media to include whenever you share.

Publication and Press Archive

Add online and print articles, videos and any other media that covers your work. Keep a record and digital version of publications and record all important bibliographic information..


Upload unlimited media including working files. Easily associate works to exhibitions and other events. Generate PDFs or create private links for sharing hi res media.


Track discounts, commissions, artist’s net, payments, ownership and more. Register sales for unique and editioned works.


Keep track of everyone you work with. Customize contact types. Associate contacts to artworks to record their interests.


Use sets for presenting and organizing groups of works, press or exhibitions from your archive.

Advanced Search

Filter and sort multiple fields at once to find what you need quickly. Type in any word or sequence to search all fields and files in the archive.

Unlimited Devices

Login to your account on multiple devices at once, from anywhere with an Internet connection. No additional fees per device. Desktop, tablet and smartphone compatible.

File Storage

Images, video, audio, graphics, 3D files, text and more. Embed videos hosted on other platforms. Upload individual files up to 5GB each. Regular, secure backups.

Migration Service

Our migration services are full service and extremely affordable. Get in touch with us if you want to move away from spreadsheets or another database to Art Record.


Instantly output elegant PDFs including: checklists of works, full page image previews and image file lists. Custom PDFs available.

Client Testimonials

Sanya Kantarovsky
Art Record is the first elegant, intuitive and flexible way for artists to archive and share their work. After wading through several archiving services and programs, I've found Art Record to be the best by a broad margin, specifically in its attention to the preferences of artists. The people behind Art Record are perpetually open to developing new features—a quality that gives their project a value of possibility and flexibility.
Margaret Lee
My introduction to Art Record felt nearly miraculous. The overall look and flow of data entry somehow eclipsed my usual feelings of dread and in fact, I found it to be quite enjoyable and fun to fill in the blanks, so much so that I was able to finally create a comprehensive archive in less than 3 months and feel quite confident that my utilization of Art Record has finally instilled in me the organizational logic that I have been lacking for so long.
Jill Magid
I've been using Art Record and I love it. The team handled the migration of my inventory from a much less user friendly FileMaker file to Art Record in a week's time. The site is user-friendly; I like its simple design. It works on my phone just as well as on my computer. This system makes it so much easier to track my work than it ever has been. My questions are always answered quickly and personally. I completely recommend it.
Lisa Oppenheim
Art Record is a rare find. For years, the studio has been trying to find an effective and economic solution for tracking artworks to no avail, and has always cost us a lot of time and effort because of it. Art Record is intuitively designed and technically sharp, which makes it a pleasure to use but also extremely practical. After only two months of use it's radically streamlined how we've been able to do business internally and outside of the studio. We couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Jon Rafman
Art Record is satisfying to use and customizable to fit our needs. It's a powerful tool for keeping track of things past and present.

Artists, Galleries (beta)

USD 40/month

16% discount when paid annually

30 day free trial

  • Cloud-based collection management
  • 1 TB of storage for 80+ file types
  • + additional storage available
  • Single artist account (private)
  • Unlimited records
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Sharing links
  • PDF generator
  • Regular backups
  • Email support
  • Ad-free

Students get 50% off.

Migrations and add-ons are available for artist studios. Contact us to learn more.

USD 80/month

15% discount when paid annually

30 day free trial

Interested in using Art Record for galleries? Request to join our group of beta testers.

  • Cloud-based collection management
  • 1.5 TB of storage for 80+ file types
  • + additional storage available
  • Single artist account (private)
  • Unlimited records
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Sharing links
  • PDF generator
  • Regular backups
  • Email support
  • Ad-free

Data migrations are available from all other inventory systems.

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