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Art Record is a new tool for documenting and managing contemporary art practices.

First 30 days are free.

Link to exhibitions, press, and sets. Share individual works and customize what others see.
Document and share public presentations of your work.
Link to online articles about your work, add print articles, upload or embed videos.
Generate PDFs with multiple works and projects. Share your sets, allowing others to view and download hi-res images and other media files.
Keep track of who owns what, discounts, consignments, gallery information, and more.
Instantly generate shareable checklists, full-page PDFs, and image file lists.


Inventory of works and projects

Add information about a work’s content, form, production, edition, location, availability, exhibition history, and more. Include unlimited images for both completed works and works in progress.

Bulk upload media

Add unlimited media in over 80 file formats: images, video, audio, graphics, 3D files, text, and more. Embed videos hosted on other platforms. Art Record supports individual files up to 5GB. Searchable file names. Full ZIP downloads. Regular backups.

Document exhibitions and other events

Art Record lets you add details and documentation about exhibitions, performances, fairs, and any other event where your work interacts with the public. Upload unlimited media including working files, easily connect works to exhibitions, generate checklists, and create shareable links.

Press archive and Publication Archive

Add online and print articles, videos and any other media that covers your work. Include artist books, exhibition catalogues, monographs and any other publications..

Sharing links

Easily share multiple works and projects with press, collaborators, venues, curators, collectors, and others. Decide which fields and media types to include whenever you share with fully customizable sharing links. Let others view records and download high quality documentation.

Group records together as a “set”

Sets allow you to organize selections from your archive. Share your set and let others download all the media files associated with it. Grab a set of relevant materials and instantly generate a clean, professional PDF.

Automatically generate and share formatted documents

  • Exhibition checklists
  • Hi-res PDFs
  • File lists with thumbnails for all ZIP downloads

Register sales

Track discounts, commissions, artist's net, ownership and more. Register sales for both unique and editioned works.

Manage contacts

Individuals, institutions and companies.


Art Record allows artists to effortlessly and privately track their work, its presentation, and its distribution in one place.

We designed Art Record to help artists archive their work and streamline the process of sharing it. Artists and their studios should spend less time searching for files, formatting PDFs and updating spreadsheets. Art Record is built to accommodate the range of contemporary practice. We believe all artists deserve organized, productive archives.

We also customize our software for galleries, collectors, institutions as well as artists. We offer migration services for those using another system who would like to get set up with Art Record. Contact us for a consultation.

  • Inventory of works and projects
  • Cloud storage and file management
  • Exhibition and press documentation
  • Customizable sharing links
  • Sales tracking
  • Contact management
  • Checklist and full-page PDF generator
  • Automatic backups
  • Design for mobile
  • Reports (coming soon)


$25 per month
First 30 days are free

15% discount when paid annually

This price is for early adopters. Sign up now and the rate will never go up for you. Available worldwide.

  • Cloud-based collection management
  • Single artist account (private)
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Unlimited records
  • Storage up to 1TB
    *Storage add-ons available as you grow
  • Customizable share links
  • Catalogue and checklist generator
  • Regular backups
  • Email support
  • Ad-free

Customized software

Our designers and developers work with galleries, collectors, institutions, estates, and artists to make custom databases that fit their specific needs. Consultation is free.

Some options include: custom records, fields and layouts, individualized reports, user permissions, self-hosting, and much more.

Tell us what you want, we can probably build it for you.

Special rates

We give discounted rates to galleries offering Art Record to their artists. Contact us for more information on multi-artist registration.

Art Record is 50% off for students currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master of Fine Arts as well as any other post-secondary art program, worldwide. Get in touch with us about setting up your discounted account with proof of enrollment.

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Sales and client services

Technical support


Madeleine Paré, Founder
David Ertel, Technical Director
Forrest Olivo, Advisor
David Lieske, Advisor
Sean Yendrys, Site Design


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